Mosaic-POS-Featured-Image Raymark Mosaic Point of Sale

A complete mobile retail point of sale solution.

Mosaic Point of Sale provides extensive cross-platform POS functionality and its real-time capabilities make it a must-have for up-to-the second access to product information.

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Why Mosaic Point of Sale?

Run completely wireless stores!

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Smooth Transaction Experience

Process transactions from anywhere in the store! POS functionalities include promotions, discounts, voids, customer orders, the ability to suspend and retrieve transactions on any mobile device or fixed workstation and more.


Customer Knowledge

Service customers anywhere with easily-accessible and in-depth customer information. Create, view or edit a customer profile and associate the customer with a transaction. Track your customers purchasing habits by generating customer sales reports.

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Intelligent Cross-Selling & Upselling

Browse through a beautiful gallery of products with your customer and make recommendations directly on the mobile device. If the item is out of stock, real-time omni-channel inventory lookup allows you to search for the product elsewhere.


Accept all Payment Types

Accept all forms of payment including credit card, debit card, gift card, store credit, external payment and cash payment.

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Flexible Receipt Options

Print customer receipts, send digital receipts via email or do both. In the case of a lost receipt, a reprint can be done easily and at any time.


PCI Compliant

Raymark has been a PCI compliant solution company since the released PABP standard in 2008. Our POS solution supports the latest point-to-point encryption (P2PE) technology to safeguard against threats related to security of sensitive card holder data.