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The most powerful customer engagement and selling tool.

Mosaic Clienteling provides a robust set of tools that guide retail associates through proven best practices of effective selling.

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Why Mosaic Clienteling?

Empower your associates with mobility!

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Personalized Customer Experience

Establish a one-to-one relationship that is highly personalized in product, service and outreach. This application is designed to provide knowledge of the enterprise across channels to associates on store floor – at the point of decision.

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Intelligent Cross-Selling & Upselling

Browse through a beautiful gallery of products with your customer and make recommendations directly on the mobile device. If the item is out of stock, real-time omni-channel inventory lookup allows you to search for the product elsewhere.

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Collect Valuable Data

Much like a manual client book, the associate has a complete history of customer’s purchases and can maximize the data gathered while face-to-face with the customer. Collect preferences, contact information, lifestyle information, wish lists, and more.


Assisted Selling

Based on proven best practices of effective selling, the application provides a wide range of tools for the associate that enable them to better manage their day through tasks, templates, queries, reminders, campaigns, email, and more.

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Ongoing Engagement

Keep the associate-customer relationship active by sending thank you e-mails or letters, confirming deliveries, following up on replenishment items and more.


Customer Success Stories

Discover how you can increase customer spend level through relationship building.